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By: Jim Ingolia

January 16, 2018

How Gamification In The Workplace Is Reshaping Corporate Training

Recognition and rewards are the top 2 things that motivate employees; so, why leave them out of learning strategies? This is where gamification for corporate training fits in.



By: Billy Looper

January 11, 2018

Score 100 Points by Including LGBT-Owned Businesses in Your Supplier Diversity Initiative

The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) released a report that 609 businesses earned the top score of 100 from the Corporate Equality Index (CEI). This is an increase of 18 percent from the last year. Large corporations have made strides by including the LGBTQ community in their discrimination policies, supplier diversity, and benefits packages.



By: Tom Christ

January 11, 2018

What to Look for in a Top Home Security Alarm System

Protecting your family and keeping utility costs down are becoming even more important. The prevalence of social media has made everyone targets especially when your 2-week vacation to Europe is displayed for everyone to see, including burglars. Kim Kardashian's robbery is an eye opener for all of us. If someone who lives on social media and has bodyguards is attacked, what does that mean for the rest of us?



By: Jennifer Gluckow

July 18, 2017

Sales isn't just a career - it's a way of life!

Many people in sales want to believe they help the client. Well, here's a secret - the best salespeople are helpers. The best salespeople care and are genuine. And the best salespeople believe in themselves, their company, and their product. They believe the customer will be better off with their solution. Sound like you?