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By: Jim Ingolia

January 16, 2018

How Gamification In The Workplace Is Reshaping Corporate Training

Recognition and rewards are the top 2 things that motivate employees; so, why leave them out of learning strategies? This is where gamification for corporate training fits in.

What Is Gamification In eLearning?

Gamification refers to integration of gaming elements in eLearning to craft a highly effective and engaging learning experience. When used adequately, gamification can encourage learners to apply their learning on the job, by challenging them with real-life situations in a controlled environment.

Gamification practice uses the following key elements to craft a gamification strategy:
1. Challenges (mapping to learning objectives).
2. Levels (learning path).
3. Instant feedback (to aid progress).
4. Scores or Points (to impart a sense of accomplishment and gratification).
5. Badges (for significant achievements).
6. Leaderboards (for analytics).
7. Competition (to assess where the learner stands against his/her peers).
8. Collaboration (when multiple teams play).

What Impact Can You Expect When You Use Gamification-Based Learning Strategies?

• Learners are motivated to add to the organization’s knowledge base, owing to a responsive learning environment.
• Designing gamified solutions that actively address the learners’ preferences significantly boosts learner engagement levels, and ensures knowledge retention.
• As a result, organizations see improved employee performance, as they are able to better apply their learning, and meet expectations. This is a clear indication that the organization's learning mandate has been successfully met.

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