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By: Jennifer Gluckow

July 18, 2017

Sales isn't just a career - it's a way of life!

Many people in sales want to believe they help the client. Well, here's a secret - the best salespeople are helpers. The best salespeople care and are genuine. And the best salespeople believe in themselves, their company, and their product. They believe the customer will be better off with their solution. Sound like you?

For many people, "sales" is a dirty word - I get it. Many associate it with a sleazy or pushy car salesman (or woman!), or the worst sales experience you've ever had.

Here's a lesson I learned from my early sales days:

In high school I worked in a neighborhood clothing boutique. During my first day on the job, my manager said, "DON'T force anything. If something doesn't look good on someone else, find them something that DOES look good. DON'T let anyone go home with something that doesn't look AMAZING."

After helping a few customers, and following my manager's strict instructions, I realized why she was right. If the customer went home with something that didn't look right and modeled it for their spouse or their friends, and their "trusted advisors" said, "Ew return it," they would never trust me (or shop with me again). But, if they got the "oooh la la" response, they would be back. And bring their friends!

The lesson:

Tell the truth. Make a friend. Become a trusted advisor and you win. Your job as a salesperson is to help the client.

No one wants to feel sold.

Everyone wants suggestions, recommendations, knowledge and expertise. Customers want to feel like you're solving their problem, not selling them. When you're genuine and sincere, you build trust. That trust allows you to sell today and in the future.

* * *

It's most important to remember that you're not a salesperson, you're a help-person. The people you talk to are not prospective "clients," they're prospective friends.

It's your responsibility to know everything you can about your product or service so that you can make the best recommendation possible, one that your new friend is going to be happy with today and in the future. Always remember that you're building a relationship with your new best friend, and that relationship requires trust.

Of course, TRUST is a four-letter word. More on that next time.

* * *