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By: Tom Christ

January 11, 2018

What to Look for in a Top Home Security Alarm System

Protecting your family and keeping utility costs down are becoming even more important. The prevalence of social media has made everyone targets especially when your 2-week vacation to Europe is displayed for everyone to see, including burglars. Kim Kardashian's robbery is an eye opener for all of us. If someone who lives on social media and has bodyguards is attacked, what does that mean for the rest of us?

There's no telling what can happen to your home while you're away. The best thing to do is consider an at home security system. Choosing the best solution for you comes down to your needs and budget.

How much does a security system cost?

The most inexpensive option for a home security alarm system is going the do-it-yourself route. The installation of a home security system especially with a RING video doorbell can be quite complicated and time consuming. Not to mention a huge safety issue. We do not recommend this option.

If you are a busy person or want to opt for the central monitoring option, you will pay a fee as you would with a DIY system of around $37 to $64 a month, depending on the service. The cost to install is not astronomical. ADT security systems can install an essential home alarm system for $0 in equipment with a $99 installation fee with a 36 month monitoring agreement. For the best home security products, contact Tom Christ, the Home Security Alarm Expert at 844.517.0545, he will steer you in the right direction.

Hardwired Security Systems vs. Wireless Home Security Systems

Some alarm systems are still requiring the use of analog phone lines. That's crazy! If your grandmother adding you as a friend on Facebook hasn't told you anything, people are advancing and becoming more dependent on their smartphone. Run the other way if the security system requires you to use an analog phone line. Consider them obsolete in a few years.

Most home security systems are hybrids which mean that parts are hardwired but still use wireless communication. Companies like ADT security, a leader in the industry, offers both remote and video monitoring of your home using your internet connection. You're using your WiFi anyway to watch the latest YouTube video, might as well keep your family safe too. You can get instant alerts to your smartphone when something occurs in your home. Also, video monitoring will give you access to see what is happening.

Going beyond security surveillance

Security surveillance is not the only reason to invest in an alarm service. Several companies offer carbon monoxide, water detection, and temperature monitoring. Burglaries are not the only thing you should worry about. The smallest leak could lead to detrimental damage in your home. ADT security offers this additional state-of-the-art security, alarm, and video surveillance equipment.

Figuring out the best at home security system is overwhelming. Here is a list of the top 100 home security companies based on revenue. Those at the top of the list like ADT security stay up to date with the latest technology to help protect your family and home.

For more information on the best system for you, contact Tom Christ, the Home Security Alarm Expert at 844.517.0545. He will get your family the best home security company for your needs.

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